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About Ninja 360 Grips

Welcome and thanks for visiting Ninja 360 Grips! Our product is a hand-held weight suspension training and IRT (instability resistance training) system. These training straps broaden your exercise spectrum by increasing the level of difficulty and instability in both contemporary and traditional workouts. Results include increased muscle recruitment and activation to enhance power, strength and conditioning.

Ninja 360 Grips (NG3) are comparable to a pair of CrossFit hand grips that can address complex training needs like grip training, functional training and weight training. It provides optimized muscle recruitment while doing most traditional exercises as well as suspension training and weight-lifting. N3G uses the same principle for floor devices that provides unstable surfaces for increased muscle recruitment. This technology is hand-held and can be used for all major muscle groups of the body.

N3G is extremely versatile and can be used with countless exercises and the most common equipment, including dumbbells, bars, and pull-up bars. Breathing new life into most traditional exercises, N3G adds a new stimulating feel to your old dumbbell, bars and pull-up exercises as the best fitness suspension straps currently on the market.

Ninja 360 Grips Story

In an industry of isolated training, fitness enthusiast, instructors, facilitators, and developers, moved towards real life movements. These exercise movements enhanced how we function on a regular basis. Along with this shift in focus from isolated movements, came products and equipment to aid in performing and executing these kinds of exercises.

As the fitness industry started to see an entirely different spectrum of functioning and enhancement unlock, we began to free ourselves and started thinking of possibilities. Ninja 360 Grips is a product of that freedom and makes the next mode of weight training possible.

Ninja 360 Grips was created by a Chicago trainer who wanted to achieve muscle stimuli of the upper body that went beyond traditional exercises. Numerous attempts of suspending additional weights from bars and an endless research on equipment and devices proved that such a product did not exist. This led to the creation of a new piece of equipment to suspend weights. A positive feedback from fellow trainers in this regard, led this idea take the shape of a unique muscle stimulating device which made your trainings interesting and unique.

Mission & Vision

Ninja 360 Grips brings quality products to the market. Our pull up handles are made of quality ABS plastic for strength, TPR rubber for a soft comfortable grip, and polypropylene webbing for flexibility.

These training grips captures both the principle and effect of IRT (instability resistance training) and weight suspension training. Instead of training for strength or rehabilitation, both stable and unstable resistance training exercises should be included to ensure an emphasis on both higher force (stable) and balance (unstable) stressors of the neuromuscular system. N3G answers this need with a hand-held weight suspension method that calls on the muscle's stabilizers and fixators. This results in more muscle activation and increased joint stabilization.

We pride ourselves on making an affordable, high quality training grips that allows users to take their training to the next level.

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Best Lifting Grips & Wrist Straps in Illinois

You have assessed the weight that is within the safety limits and nailed the deadlift technique with the help of a trainer. You are good to go now. However, you have totally overlooked at getting some protection for the hands whether you are working with some barbells or dumbbells. The entire fitness regime is ruined by sore and blistered hands due to the friction of holding onto heavy exercise equipments. On the contrary, workout straps prevent you from enduring this pain.
Ninja 360 grips or the best lifting grips in Illinois fixes the issue and acts an important barrier between the equipment and your hands. It prevents the formation of painful calluses. These relatively inexpensive workout lifting straps have a good amount of grip and you will stay injury –free even when repeatedly lifting weights.
These are the best crossfit grips in Illinois that addresses the complex training needs of functional and weight training. These grips breathe a new life into the traditional workout methods. They are versatile and can be used with innumerable exercises and equipments. The primary use of the grips is to prevent your hand from going sore. With the weights sliding out of your hands, the performance is hindered. Ninja 360 grips has one of the viable solutions for this by providing you the best wrist straps in Illinois. They aide your hands in all the pulling exercises which are against the force of gravity. The straps apart from being helpful with the various weights can be used for training anywhere at all. Simply carry the portable straps with and start with a quick full body workout wherever you feel like. The best part about the straps is that they do not fully wrap around the wrists as a result of which it offers a quick release. The straps are tested and verified to hold the bar tightly and not inhibit any movement mechanics.
In a variety of cases, workout straps are required for a routine use. With the straps it doesn’t matter whether you are lifting slow or fast. In either of the cases, it prevents the wrist’s skin from getting torn up.


Here's what some users say about Ninja 360 Grips, which are the most popular suspension training accessory on the market.

``Hello, I'm Mike Stramond, a personal trainer based in San Diego, dedicated to getting people in great shape & improving their lifestyle.``
Mike Stramond
Yoga trainer
``Hello, I'm Claire Freemon, a personal trainer based in San Diego, dedicated to getting people in great shape & improving their lifestyle.``
Claire Freemon
Yoga trainer
Boxing trainer
``Hello, I'm Vincent Bryant, a personal trainer based in San Diego, dedicated to getting people in great shape & improving their lifestyle.``
Vincent Bryant
Boxing trainer
Mike StramondCo-FounderClaire FreemonYoga trainerVincent BryantBoxing trainer
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