We all at some point or the other have desired to develop python like muscles, similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger and kick some ass. But let’s be honest about the fact, that the probability of us, getting paid as a muscle bound barbarian on camera is less likely.


Yet, we all face the probability of lifting heavy objects in our daily life. Consider the big garbage bag we heave till the dumpster or the overstuffed recliner we carry with our buddy up 3 flights of stairs. We all face battle against heavy objects, where our strength is tried and tested.

So, in order to perform your daily chores in a more efficient manner, you need to train your body accordingly. Your fitness related goals should include some form of functional training, which aid in real life movements and increasing stamina for optimum performance.

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In this day and age, we are all aware of the importance of physical fitness and health. People are consciously making an effort, to alter their diet plans and include exercises in their daily routines. Now, all these efforts not only help in keeping our bodies young, in order to thrive in our later years; but they also help us function better in our normal lives.

What is Grip Training?

Some people believe that grip training is simply working on the hand and wrist muscles but unfortunately it is not true. Grip training is referred to developing all the musculature near the elbow all the way down to the fingertips. When you visualize the grip in this manner, you are able to train all the movement patterns which affect the lower arm musculature and the antagonistic group of muscles. Thereby, working on the front and back arms simultaneously.

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Pull ups challenge your back like no other exercise can do and therefore can easily be referred to as the King of Back development.

If you want to build a nice V-tapered look, pull ups are your gold-standard exercises for the strength & growth of your back muscles.

What are Pull ups?

A pull up is classified as a Closed Kinetic Chain (CKC) exercise. A closed kinetic chain exercise allows you to build functional strength because you train the body to move using its own weight rather than an Open Kinetic Chain exercise where the effort you exert is used to move an object other than yourself. CKC exercises are safer as they allow an individual’s body structure to determine the movement pattern of the joints. Thus, allowing for a more natural range of motion & reduce stress on joints as well.

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If you are one of those people who enjoys stretching as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoys Sylvester Stallone’s company, then you need to learn about anabolic stretching as it can help you double your muscle growth by 300%.

It is the single most powerful technique which helps you work on those stubborn set of muscle groups and make them bigger and stronger yet flexible too.

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As soon as summertime follows, all our aspirations that we garnered at the New Year regarding Health and Fitness, seem to have become distant memories. Our Gym membership pass keeps on taunting us, as it lays unused & neglected. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common scenario. Taking out time and energy, as we hustle between work, partners and kids, our health and fitness goals tend to take a backseat. So, how to prioritize your health and give time and attention to your body that it deserves and needs. Here are a few ideas to help you break out of the normal rut and bring fun back to your fitness:

Good things come to those who sweat!

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Athlete-using-ninja-360-grips-as suspension-training-straps-to-perform-pull-ups

This question is intriguing as there is no universally correct answer for it. Athletes will say that the answer is obviously “as strong as humanly possible” while the rest of us would weigh our answers based on our experiences and our fitness or strength goals. So basically, the answer to this question needs to be clear before your embark on your journey towards physical fitness and body training.

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