Anabolic Stretching: A Training Technique to Ramp up your Muscles

If you are one of those people who enjoys stretching as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoys Sylvester Stallone’s company, then you need to learn about anabolic stretching as it can help you double your muscle growth by 300%.

It is the single most powerful technique which helps you work on those stubborn set of muscle groups and make them bigger and stronger yet flexible too.


Traditional Stretching Sucks




Traditional stretching works in a manner which goes against your body’s physiology rather than working alongside it. Furthermore, many professional believe that stretching before exercise is a form of warm up, which is also completely wrong.

Now you may ask why? Well, if you have a cold and tight muscle and you are exposing it to prolonged standard stretching, what would be the result? It will definitely cause scarring of tissues and micro tearing, which would eventually lead to muscle weakness, inflexibility & injury.

Proving a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research which concluded that if you stretch before you lift weights, you could find yourself weaker and “off balanced” in your workouts. Not something we want when hoisting hundreds of pounds of metal.


The Hows of Anabolic Stretching

The typical way to go about stretching involves you maintaining a static stretching position for a definite amount of duration, using only your bodyweight.


athlete-doing-anabolic stretching-using-ninja-360-grips-as-suspension-training-straps-to-build-muscles athlete-doing-anabolic stretching-using-ninja-360-grips-as-suspension-training-straps-to-build-muscles


Now how to convert this into anabolic stretching? Simply take a moderate amount of weight, lower it into the maximum stretched position of a stretch focus exercise and hold it there. Use pull up handles or grips to suspend the weight and achieve optimum results.

As a protective response to this unstable change, hypertrophy sets in for survival. The stretched muscle sheets trigger an increase in muscle cell division, collagen breakdown, repair & protein splitting.

The key difference between traditional stretching and anabolic stretching is that during anabolic stretching you are actually resisting the load in the stretched position causing hypertrophy to set in, which is the primary cause of developing those huge bulgy biceps.


The Wows of Anabolic Stretching:

If you are still not convinced about the amazing results of anabolic stretching,here are some more reasons to indulge for you to indulge in this:


  • Anabolic Stretching stimulates growth & power of muscles

When you perform the anabolic stretch, you are using your muscles to resist the load employed during the stretch. This resistance and the intensity of the stretch causes the muscles to get fatigued. Thereby, stimulating muscle growth as fatigue is a direct precursor in inducing muscle growth.


  • Anabolic Stretching makes you flexible and strong

Standard stretching improves only the parallel elastic component (PEC) of the muscle, thereby leaving you strong but rigid. Whereas, anabolic stretching also improves the series elastic components (SEC), thereby enhancing the dynamic mobility of your muscles. So, you don’t only have strong muscles but flexible movements which is transferable to your overall workout regime.


  • Anabolic Stretching Bulletproofs Your Muscles From Tearing

The protocols that we follow before performing anabolic stretching helps prepare the muscle to deal with wear and tear, making it almost bulletproof to injury.


  • Anabolic Stretching Strengthens Your Tendons

Heavy weight lifters tend to hit a plateau when they can’t get past their training or simply put, can’t lift heavier weights. In order to build more muscle, the foundation of these muscles i.e. the tendons & ligaments need to be strengthened. Anabolic stretching helps in strengthening tendons which enable them to pack on more muscle fibers by lifting heavier weights.


 How to Build Sleeve Splitting 18-inch pythons with Anabolic Stretching

Perform incline bicep curls using appropriate weights with which you can perform at least 12-15 incurls. Use pull up handles or training grips for better results. Now, instead of dropping the weight, let the weight stretch your biceps out for 30 seconds. Try not to cry as it’s going to hurt massively. Engage yourself in badass mental warfare.

Release the weights. Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat the entire process 2 more times.





To integrate this into your current training, you do not need to change your training program. Instead, simply allocate 5-10 minutes to perform some anabolic stretches at the end of your normal workout routine. Voila, you’ll be on your way to bigger, stronger, and damn good looking muscles.



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