How Strong Is Strong Enough? The Importance Of Defining Your Strength Goals

Athlete-using-ninja-360-grips-as suspension-training-straps-to-perform-pull-ups

This question is intriguing as there is no universally correct answer for it. Athletes will say that the answer is obviously “as strong as humanly possible” while the rest of us would weigh our answers based on our experiences and our fitness or strength goals. So basically, the answer to this question needs to be clear before your embark on your journey towards physical fitness and body training.

           1. Avoid Heavy-Handed Focus

Single minded approach and heavy handed focus sometimes leads us to lose sight of other important things. Similarly, pushing strength training or any other form of training beyond its acceptable limits will be detrimental than good. This belief holds true for any pursuit be it fitness related or daily life related, prioritizing things to the point of exclusion will detract us from other more important things.

In order to develop a healthy life plan, you cannot adopt the strategy to train like a competitive athlete or lifter. As you will be prone to developing the maladies that they face. We all love our workout routines but our approach should be to develop a sustainable plan in order to get stronger gradually. Rather than the wham, bamm, thank you ma’am approach.

 The goal of sport is victory while one needs a holistic fitness plan in order to be healthy and fit during ones golden years.

           2. Stick to Your Guns

Everybody has a specific set of fitness goals when they embark on this journey. Some want to lose weight. Some want to look better and feel better. While some want to develop their body and lead a healthier lifestyle. There is no wrong or right fitness goal. It all depends on what you want to achieve. The problem arises, when people get assimilated in the gym culture, they tend to detract from their objectives.

This has a positive side to it, when coaches and more experienced athletes; help you in the refinement of your goals. Thereby, teaching you to value healthier changes and temper potentially unrealistic expectations.

But, sometimes this breeds discontent, if the gym culture promotes its inbound value system more than individual fitness goals and objectives. In this way, athletes lose sight of their initial goals. They get engrossed in external measures of progress, which mostly relies on numbers rather than actual results.

We do not deny that healthy competition is essential in order to grow better. But health is not something that can be made into a competition. So, improve yourself not for the sake of beating others but to get closer to your fitness goals.

           3. Find Your Answer

Now you may not be able to deny that when you entered the gym, your answer to this question did not consist of the number of lifts or squats you could manage to do. They were more meaningful and true; like maybe you wanted to play soccer with your kids or you wanted to lift your grandchildren.

Are you still measuring your progress by these original ideas or have they been replaced by quantifiable external measures of progress?

The point we are trying to make, is that continuing to pursue specific tasks will always bring progress. But, continually bashing your head against the wall will simply be a waste of energy and will power.

So, find your answer because it will bring an awareness to your training that most athletes do not reach.

Wrapping it up, you need to understand the importance of this question. As the answer will drive you in the right direction. Thus, enabling you to become a more focused, holistic minded and self-reliant athlete.

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