N3G: Pull-up handles that are comfortable, portable and help you workout like a pro!

Ninja 360 Grips are a pair of pull up handles, that implement the principle of IRT (Instability Resistance Training). You can easily scale or modify your workout regimen, according to your fitness level, using these unique set of suspension training straps.


What is IRT?

Instability resistance training (IRT) helps in performance enhancement, rehabilitation, and overall musculoskeletal health. It entails the creation of unstable conditions, with body mass or external loads (eg, dumbbells, barbells) as resistance. A joint study was conducted by Kibele, Behm, Ariam & David G. The study was done to understand the effects of instability & traditional resistance training on strength, balance and functional performance; over a period of seven weeks. The study clearly displayed that instability training is effective. You should incorporate it in conjunction with traditional stable training, to provide a greater variety of training experiences.

Physical Features of Ninja 360 Grips:

Ninja 360 Grips comprise of a pair of cylindrical handles. They are made of quality ABS plastic for strength, TPR rubber for a soft comfortable grip, and polypropylene webbing for flexibility. The cylindrical grip serves as an excellent axis of rotation, enabling you to maintain your posture effectively.



Functional Benefits of Ninja 360 Grips:

These exercising grips are portable and ultra comfortable. You can apply them to weights resistance in 5 different ways. Here are some of the functional benefits you can achieve while using Ninja 360 grips:

1.Harness the Power of Pull ups:

Ninja 360 Grips allow you to fully harness the power of Pull ups. Pull ups are amazing exercises to build your core and back muscles.



  • Traditional bars which are stiff & rigid, do not allow much flexibility for pull ups. But by using Ninja 360 Grips, we can allow more flexibility at the wrist. Thus, resulting in more comfort and more pull ups per set.


  • Bars tend to limit your grip to underhand or overhand, while performing any kind of pull up exercise. Whereas, these training grips allow for a hammer grip and also enable you to change the direction of the grip; as you pull up from a hammer grip to an overhand grip & vice versa.


  • Instability training, is pertinent in strengthening the tendons & joints. Ninja 360 grips work on the principle of IRT, which ensures that more muscle fibers are recruited owing to the suspension affect and thus strengthens muscle stabilizers, tendon & joints.


2. Develop Grip Strength with Ninja 360 Grips:

These training grips help you in developing grip strength. It’s durable soft rubber grip, allows you for a better grip and softer feel, than overhead bars.


3. Scale your Training:

Provides scalable training with exercise, suitable for beginners and experts.


4. Dangle the Weights with Ninja 360 Grips:

These amazing suspension training straps enable you to dangle weights and build muscles for lifting:


  • Ninja 360 grips breathe life into your old dumbbells, bars, and weight plates, by allowing you to experiment. They allow you to add variety to your workout routine of bench presses, incurls, and lifts.


  • Traditional lifting recruits a specific set of muscles, but these pull up handles allow you to recruit more muscle fibers, as they engage all major muscle groups of the body. Thus, leading to better muscle building.


  • Ninja 360 grips allow you to manage heavy weights more easily and comfortably. It’s durable and soft rubber grip is the reason behind this ease of use and comfort, that dumbbells and bars do not possess. This leads to more reps and better results.


  • Bar Squat exercises sometimes lead to tight chest muscles. You can easily relieve these muscles by employing Ninja Grips to perform your Bar Squats.


5. Perform Anabolic Stretching:

Anabolic Stretching which is a sure fire way to build 18 inch sleeve splitting python muscles can be done using Ninja 360 grips as well.


Wrapping up, with Ninja 360 Grips in your toolkit, you’ll get two highly versatile, scalable and portable training tools, to use with your clients and athletes to improve their performance, in sport and in life. You can use Ninja Grips, safely and effectively, from rehab to the most demanding workouts, with all fitness levels; to build functional strength, mobility and core stability.

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