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The Most Advance Suspension Training Straps

What is our motivation for the best crossfit hand grips in Illinois?

Training is hard. It sure is! With every passing day, you have to maintain the consistency in the workout apart from getting better with your performance. But there might arise occasions that slow you down. For instance, blisters in your hands due to the friction of holding onto the equipment for too long. Considering this obstruction, we have come up with Ninja 36o grips, the body building straps in Illinois for the workout enthusiasts.


Every workout is meant to be hard not just for the sake of it but because they serve a purpose. The target muscles and the muscles that fatigue first should be the same. Otherwise, it is nothing but a lousy exercise. As said by the regular performers, the only thing keeping them away from lifting weights for weeks are the blisters in their hands. We wanted to eliminate the wounds from your hands and this is what motivated us to come up with the best power lifting straps in Illinois.

Your lifting straps now come with the convenience

What is fitness for? To build endurance by accomplishing daily workout goals so as to have a better life and a healthy body. Our crossfit hand straps come with the convenience of using them anywhere and anytime. Our straps are the portable gym in your bag.

Two bodybuilding straps. Multiple solutions

Grip is often the reason for a failed pull-up. You might even assume masculine failure. We are here to discard such causes that keep you away from one more rep. Ninja 360 grips help you perform better which otherwise would not have been possible with sore hands. No longer miss any of the training sessions because of a ripped callus. Activate your muscles to strengthen better and further. Face the difficult levels of workouts with our suspension training grips. Add a new and refreshing feel to your workout.

The final thoughts on our powerlifting straps

Over the course of time after numerous real-time usages, we have found the straps to be an essential part in the workout scenarios, especially in heavy strength exercises. Of course, it might take some time to get used to them but once you do, there is no stopping from accomplishing your fitness goal. Focus better on the targeted muscles without putting too much strain on other body parts. Make them a vital accessory to escalate your performance.