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A pull up handle & weight training suspension system, which implements the principles of IRT (Instability Resistance Training) for increased muscle recruitment. It allows you to perform over 100 exercises over 18 pull-up variations.

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A little about our product- the best weightlifting straps in Illinois

The suspension training straps incorporate the IRT (Instability Resistance Training) principle for an optimal stimulus. With over 18 pull-up variations, you are able to perform more than 100 exercises.

Perform your own way

Whether the comforts of your home or the traditional gym, the portable and ultra-comfortable straps can be applied to various weights in 5 different ways with ease. We say with ease because of the cylindrical grip handle that adapts to your workout because of its excellent axis of rotation. This flexibility with the suspension training straps helps to maintain your posture effectively.

The power of pull-ups:

  • These weightlifting grip straps allow more flexibility at the wrist; compared to traditional bars which are stiff & rigid. This results in more comfort and more pull-ups per set.
  • The suspension training straps grips allow for a hammer grip, unlike the bars which limit you to underhand or overhand grips. It also enables you to change the direction of the grip, as you pull up; going from a hammer grip to an overhand grip and vice versa.
  • They help you develop grip strength. As the durable soft rubber grip of Ninja 360 Grips, allows you for a better grip and softer feel than overhead bars. Grip strength is important not only for athletes and sports professionals but also for others. As our most common daily life activities rely on adequate strength and endurance of the gripping muscles, in our forearms and hands, Ninja 360 grips keep up to its name as the best weightlifting straps.
  • These suspension training straps recruit more muscle fibers because of the suspension/dangle effect & strengthen the body’s stabilizers, tendons & joints through instability.
  • Based in Illinois our weightlifting straps, provide you the opportunity to scale your training with exercise according to your individual fitness level thereby making it ideal for both beginners and experts.

Dangle the weights:

  • The weightlifting grip straps enable you to recruit more muscle fibers, from all major muscle groups of the body; as compared to traditional lifting. Thereby, giving you the opportunity to generate, a holistic effect on all muscles.
  • These fitness grips are ideal for muscle stimulation. As they enable you to increase the levels of difficulty and instability while doing both contemporary and traditional exercises.
  • Pull-up handles allow you to perform various exercises using common equipment such as your old dumbbells, bars, and weight plates. Thereby, breathing new life into them and making your workouts more interesting.
  • Ninja grips help you in relieving tight chest muscles in bar squat exercises.
  • They enable you to manage heavyweights more easily and comfortably. Owing to its durable and soft rubber grip, that dumbbells and bars don’t have.
  • In a nutshell, these suspension training straps reinforce functional training exercises which mean the grips train the body for the activities performed in daily life.
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